Cosmos Bridge Capital is a parent investment holdings company

operating as both an Investment Advisory Firm and a Specialized Fund

Cosmos Bridge Capital & Cosmos Bridge Fund

Investment Banking
Cosmos Bridge Capital delivers world-class Investment Banking services to a broad range of international Corporate Clients. Utilizing our industry expertise, we aim to maximize the corporate valuation as well as the market exposure and coverage for our clients and investors.
Investment Management
Our investment approach will generate maximal profits and run up to success while minimizing uncertainty and risks for all involved parties through our systematic, meticulous and professional approach.
Corporate Culture
For Cosmos Bridge Capital, Cosmos suggests that our corporate culture emphasizes Inclusion, Diversity, Global Mobility and Cultural Integration.
Social Responsibility
We are looking to engage in impact businesses that will promote global social responsibility, environmental sustainability, humanitarian growth and offer a better quality of life to the entire world.
Inquiries And Client Requests
Technology companies / Late Stage Startups with proven market ready/consumer deliverable products are welcome to submit their inquiries to be added to our investment portfolio pipeline.

About Us

Investment Holdings

We are developing an international modernized platform specializing in cross-border investment banking, asset and fund management. We aim to deliver profitable results for our investors through leveraging our remarkable business networks and expertise in Europe, Asia & Africa. Through our dedication and persistence, we wish to create profound value and significant profits for our community of investors, shareholders, clients / issuers, and strategic partners.