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Cosmos Bridge Capital delivers world-class Investment Banking services

to a broad range of international Corporate Clients. Utilizing our industry expertise, we aim to maximize the corporate valuation as well as the market exposure and coverage for our clients and investors.

Covered Sectors:

Consumer Discretionary and Retail
Financial Institutions
Healthcare & Medical devices
Real Estate
Media and Telecommunications (TMT)

Dual Listings

CB Capital assists the undervalued China A-shares-listed companies who seek to be listed at the primary US Exchanges such as Nasdaq and NYSE with gaining the highest liquidity and industry exposure. The issuing companies’ presence on Nasdaq or NYSE would yield prodigious opportunities for them to deliver growth and expansion to their late-stage development as well as their established international business.


We offer distinctive advisory services for all major qualified corporate clients who are looking for specialized international capital markets and investment banking services. The primary benefits of going public via our platform involve ease, transparency as well as access to global capital provided by our deep pool of private and institutional investors. Our client companies understand that in order to close a successful transaction, they must meet very strict audit reporting guidelines to adhere to IFRS and corporate governance requirements.

Mergers and Acquisitions

CB Capital delivers comprehensive expertise while working with our buy-side and sell-side clients including both publicly and privately held companies during an M&A process. Our unique M&A process would enable our clients to maximize their revenues and distribution by scaling up their business in the vast markets such as Greater China & Africa; together having a combined population of 2.7 billion people. Furthermore, we would employ the world-class IP expertise to protect the inventors’ technology patents while they are being licensed from Europe & Israel and introduced into the Asia and Africa markets by the use of the safest, most efficient and most desirable IP methodologies.

SPAC IPO Financing

Cosmos Bridge Capital serves as a SPAC investment vehicle. Our Goal is to close the deal within 3 months, due to the fact that we have existing shell companies that are suitable for our China Corporate Clients.
SPAC financing process is a fast and effective solution for both raising capital and getting the company listed on NASDAQ and NYSE.
During the SPAC process the management raises funds in an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in order to make an acquisition. IPO proceeds are recorded in a trust account, and investors can choose to redeem their shares for a pro rata share of the trust if they do not have a desire to hold an ownership in a new company.

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